Every year the most innovative technologists, influential minds and passionate activists come together at the Social Good Summit with one shared goal: to unlock the potential of new media and technology to make the world a better place, and then to translate that potential into action. Peace Boat US is an active participant in the conference, which meets annually during the United Nations’ General Assembly.

Peace Boat US director Emilie McGlone, DJ Spooky, and Akira Kawasaki of Peace Boat

This year’s amazing lineup of speakers included Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky, composer, multimedia artist and writer. His impressive work with the Vanautu Pacifica Project, a non-profit which fortifies potent creative voices in global contemporary art, music, design, media, tech, science, literature and economics to foster global cross, trans and interdisciplinary discourse around creative practice and sustainability.

During the conference, the director of Peace Boat US sat down with him to share ideas on sustainability and to discuss his project in further detail.  Peace Boat seeks out guest speakers who are working on a variety of issues such as sustainability, human rights and conflict transformation. DJ Spooky will support the Peace Boat’s mission to raise awareness about these important issues through music and art. This week we launch the campaign to collect musical instruments for the African Youth Ensemble and we look forward to future collaboration with DJ Spooky onboard the ship as a guest educator. In our onboard programs, activists, artists, academics and journalists from around the world are invited onboard as guest educators to contribute their knowledge and to share their world views in creative ways such as concerts, workshops, forums and photo exhibitions.

For more information on the work of the Vanautu Pacifica Project and DJ Spooky, visit http://djspooky.com/vanuatu/

Find out how you can get involved with the Social Good Summit at: http://mashable.com/sgs/#action or on Twitter at #2030NOW

By Sarah Halford (Peace Boat US Intern)