Projects & Campaigns

Projects & Campaigns

Advocacy and action on critical, global issues, are an integral part of Peace Boat US’s mission. Together with Japan-based Peace Boat, we partner with a wide range of NGO’s, the UN, academic institutions, communities, and others. Our activities take place through long-term campaigns that aim to affect large-scale change, and short-term projects that address more immediate and localized issues. Following are our current and past projects and campaigns.

Humanitarian Support for Ukraine:
Another Day In Paradise Project

This project will provide innovative medical care combining regenerative medicine and robotic rehabilitation to civilians and children in Ukraine suffering from war wounds, especially head injuries, to overcome the aftereffects and return to their pre-war lives.

Action for the Oceans

Action for the Oceans is a youth leadership storytelling program for climate activists, launching on the United Nations World Oceans Day 2021, created through a collaboration between Peace Boat US and Pendulum, a creative changency.

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Peace Boat is a committed campaigner for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and a partner of the UN SDG Action Campaign. Peace Boat’s Global Voyages conduct education, advocacy, and capacity building for the SDGs and since 2016 we have sailed with the vibrant SDGs logo on our ship’s hull. 

Every Second Counts for the Survivors! Peace Boat Hibakusha Project Online

This project aims to make the most of the limited opportunities to listen to first-hand accounts from survivors, and to further strengthen grassroots connections between people around the world with the shared goal of abolishing nuclear weapons. Every second counts for the survivors, to raise awareness of the fact that humanity is still faced with the existential danger of nuclear weapons, and that all of us can play a role in eliminating this threat. READ MORE

Global Voyage for a Nuclear-Free World: Peace Boat Hibakusha Project

Since 2008, Japan-based international NGO Peace Boat has invited Hibakusha (atomic bomb survivors) of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to participate in the “Global Voyage for a Nuclear-Free World: Peace Boat Hibakusha Project.” As of 2014, over 150 Hibakusha have travelled around the world giving personal testimonies about the effects of the atomic bombs and calling for nuclear abolition. The messages from Hiroshima and Nagasaki have the potential to deeply move people around the world who are affected by war, violence, poverty and environmental issues. This project is held annually onboard Peace Boat’s global voyages. As the average age of the Hibakusha is now close to 79 years old, the time remaining for them to directly send out their urgent message is very limited. READ MORE

Global Article 9 Campaign to Abolish War

Can you imagine a world without war? Can you imagine your country’s constitution making war illegal? Article 9 of Japan’s “peace” constitution renounces the right to wage war and to maintain armed forces for that purpose. Peace Boat US is supporting the campaign to uphold Japan’s Article 9, to encourage the adoption of peace constitutions throughout the world and to abolish war.

Sailing 4 Social Innovation: Supporting Panama’s Kuna Indigenous Community (October 24 – 29, 2015 – Peace Boat’s 88th Global Voyage)

During Peace Boat’s 88th Global Voyage, the Peace Boat US program, Music and Art Peace Academy (MAPA), will work with three other NYC-based NGOs to support the indigenous Kuna community of Panama, in partnership with Kuna community leaders. The project comprises two parts: first, fundraising to help supply construction materials requested by the Kuna community, and second, a group of youth activists from the NYC area to join the Peace Boat October 24-29, during which they will produce a short documentary about the project, and their experiences onboard and in Panama visiting the Kuna people.

Music & Art Peace Academy (MAPA) Onboard the 84th Voyage: Students from Brooklyn Community Arts and Media High School

MAPA, a Peace Boat US program that aims to bring young artists onboard Peace Boat voyages to develop their capacity for artistic expression encompassing the issues, cultures, and people they encounter through international travel, will bring students from the Brooklyn Community Arts and Media High School onboard the 84th voyage for a one-week passage through Central America. The students will visit El Salvador, Panama, and Nicaragua. Onboard, they will undertake an ambitious video and multi-media documentary project, while in ports they will join study programs with local communities.

Peace Boat Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Relief

Immediately following the devastating earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011 in Northeast Japan, partner organization Peace Boat was one of the first and most extensive civil-society organizations to respond. Peace Boat US supported these efforts through fundraising and organizing public information events in order to raise awareness about the human impact of the disaster and report on disaster relief efforts. Please read further about the continuing clean-up and reconstruction efforts by Peace Boat in Japan, Peace Boat’s blog by participants in the relief projects, and 2011 Activities Report.

Emergency Relief Efforts and Call for Donations in Response to Hurricane Haiyan / Yolanda

Peace Boat’s Disaster Relief Volunteer Center is undertaking an emergency relief operation in response to Hurricane Haiyan / Yolanda.

Project to Gather Musical Instruments for the El Sistema Program in Venezuela

Peace Boat US is joining the effort to gather musical instruments – strings, brass, percussion, accessories, etc – to support the El Sistema project that engages youth from low income and poverty stricken communities with the world of music. Around 300,000 youth have participated in 200 orchestras around the country since 1975, and the need for more instruments is tremendous. This project to donate musical instruments was started by Peace Boat, the sister organization of Peace Boat US, in 2007 upon their first encounter with the world famous music project.

Emergency Relief Efforts and Call for Donations in Response to Hurricane Haiyan / Yolanda

Peace Boat’s Disaster Relief Volunteer Center is undertaking an emergency relief operation in response to Hurricane Haiyan / Yolanda.

Hurricane Sandy Relief

In response to the devastation caused by Hurricaine Sandy, Peace Boat US, our Japan-based partner-organization Peace Boat, and a number of local organizations coordinated a relief project for various neighborhoods that remained without essential services days and weeks after the storm. Please read more about Peace Boat US’s efforts here and here.

Oklahoma Tornado Relief

Peace Boat US and Japan-based partner organization Peace Boat are commencing with relief support efforts for the communities in Oklahoma struck by massive tornadoes on May 20, 2013.

All of us were deeply saddened to hear of the loss of life and devastation caused by the tornadoes that struck the Mid-West region of the United States in recent days. We would like to offer our condolences to all of those affected and extend a hand of friendship and support in these difficult times.

In response to this disaster, we have commenced fundraising activities and are working closely with partner organizations in the United States in order to deliver effective assistance to those on the ground. Further updates and developments from the afflicted areas will be posted on our website as the information becomes available.