140204 - UNIS 1

Trixie, Rachel and Valentina, Peace Boat Volunteer Staff, during their visit to UNIS.

On Tuesday morning, Emilie McGlone, Director of Peace Boat US, gave a brief presentation about Peace Boat to an auditorium of more than 200 students at the United Nations International School (UNIS) in New York City.

UNIS, which serves students from ages 5 – 18 years old, is home to students from around the world. Founded in 1947 and representing over 120 countries, UNIS students are comprised of youth from the UN community, when parents wanted to provide their children with an international education, while also preserving their diverse cultural heritages.

Emilie spoke to the students about Peace Boat, in hopes of encouraging them to participate in a future global voyage during their upcoming spring or summer break. Students expressed interest in our on-board programs such as Peace Ball, where youth on board play soccer with students from around the world, while also donating soccer balls and other athletic equipment to organizations in need.

140204 - UNIS 2

Peace Boat US International Coordinator, Emilie McGlone, speaking about Peace Ball during her presentation at UNIS.

Peace Boat US hopes that students from the United Nations International School can join an onboard educational program along with other NYC youth during the 84th global voyage in Central America from August 1-7th, to engage with local youth and indigenous populations from El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama.

If you are interested in donating to our onboard educational programs, please visit: