clairClaire Jolly

is a recent graduate of Pace University, where she received a degree in American Studies, an interdisciplinary study of American culture. It is a unique major; a close comparison would be the fields of humanities and social sciences accompanied by analytical abilities and strong writing. Jolly is a principled nonviolent activist who understands the strategy, patience, organization, resiliency and skills required to make a difference. She has a deep passion for social justice movements and is thrilled to be joining the team as an intern at Peace Boat U.S, where she will be able to apply the skills she has acquired through years of studying and learning about our society and its many injustices. She believes in maintaining a sense of hope is a paramount to seeking justice. Jolly has always wanted to partake in the establishing change, thus her recent push to be enlightened about topics while interning with Peace Boat US. Jolly says she cannot fathom a better profession than working to make the next day better and more peaceful for humanity and that she knows Peace Boat is the perfect place to do that.

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MargaritaMargarita Davidova

is a high school senior from City-As-School in New York. Attending an internship based school, Margarita looked for internships that would not only give her real work experience,  but also that leaned toward her field of interest. Before joining Peace Boat US, Margarita focused on only taking internships at non-profit organizations that deal with advocacy and activism. As a result, she has worked with Aid for AIDS, an organization that works toward the advocacy of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, as well as functioning as a donation center for recycling unused antiretroviral medicine and sending it to partnering countries for patients living with HIV/AIDS. Margarita has also interned at Bluestockings, a volunteer run community bookstore that functioned as an activist center, a radical space, and a fair trade cafe. Bluestockings allowed her to explore her passions for social justice, activism and radical education. In hopes of pursuing her interests in social welfare, Margarita found Peace Boat US through resource coordinator, Aarti Sawhney. As with all her internship experiences, Margarita hopes to learn from being involved in the community and from taking advantage of the resources offered. Being a part of Peace Boat US, Margarita will have access to meetings and conferences at the United Nations, which she is very excited about. She also hopes that this experience will help her develop skills she may need for her growing passion for international and foreign affairs.

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