Peace Boat will visit the port of Honolulu on September 2-3, 2023. Peace Boat recently visited Hawaii in July, and in continued partnership and solidarity with the people of Hawaii we have launched a fundraising campaign in response to the recent wildfires in Maui, to support impacted communities, working together with local partners on the ground. 

We invite you to join us for a special Blue Innovation Reception & Partnership Expo for the SDGs onboard the ship on September 3, to raise awareness and strengthen partnerships to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on ocean and climate action. Together with local partners working on innovative solutions for climate action, we aim to build momentum towards a more sustainable and just future for all, sharing best practices for responsible ocean stewardship and achieving the SDGs. Peace Boat will also present our Ecoship, the world’s  most environmentally sustainable passenger ship. We continue to work together with the non-profit organization Blue Planet Alliance towards a target of reaching a 100% renewable energy future by 2045.  The Ecoship will reduce CO2 emissions  and aim to achieve zero SOx and NOx emissions and recycling 100% of its water and waste by utilizing boundary defying technology.

Blue Innovation Reception & Partnership Expo Details

Date: Sunday, Sept 3
Time:  12:00 – 4:00 PM
Location: Onboard Peace Boat, docked at Pier 11, Honolulu, Hawaii 
Blue Innovation Reception and Partnership Expo Registration:  
*Registration with valid ID is required. Registration deadline is Aug 28 at Midnight EDT. Late registrations cannot be accepted.

We also ask the community to join us onboard Peace Boat’s ship, the MV Pacific World, carrying 1,800 participants onboard the 115th Global Voyage, for the special signing ceremony of the “Pledge to Our Keiki.’ The pledge – a commitment from the passengers to honor Hawaii’s sacred land, environment, and children (“keiki”) – signals the beginning of a new era of sustainable tourism that could be a replicable model for the rest of the world. The signing ceremony will be held onboard, organized in collaboration with nonprofits Kanu Hawaii and Blue Planet Alliance, with additional support from various other local organizations.

Supporting Communities Affected by the Wildfires in Maui

Peace Boat Disaster Relief (PBV) is committed to helping the Communities recently affected by the wildfires in Maui. This week, the PBV team in Maui joined the non-profit organization World Central Kitchen to help distribute meals to the residents affected by the fires in Lahaina. PBV has also set up an emergency relief fund to continue supporting local communities in Maui. To date, funds from individual donors to PBV have supported over 700 meals, which have been distributed this past week.

As PBV continues efforts to provide assistance to the communities in Maui, we seek your generous contributions to help support those in need. Visit the PBV website for more information and donate today to support Maui’s local communities:

Peace Boat has carried out emergency relief operations since 1995, delivering emergency assistance and raising funds, as well as coordinating the dispatch of volunteer teams to disaster-affected areas all over the world.