Come and join us (free entry) at the Filmoteca to watch a selection of short films offering different visions of our ocean: that of local communities, fisherwomen, sportsmen, scientists… all with the same objective: start a new chapter of global ocean action!

All those who join us for Ocean Decade Movie Day at the Filmoteca on April 8 will have the chance to win one of six passes to attend the Ocean Decade Conference (three passes for April 11 and three passes for April 12).

The Ocean Decade Movie Day is part of the Ocean Decade Week.

The ocean is not only the cradle of life, it holds the keys to an equitable and sustainable future.

(When registering you can attend any of the sessions or all of them)

12:00 h to 14:00 h

  • “Congrés de Ciència” (Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona). Original language: Catalan / Subtitles: No.
  • “Rota Polar” (Tocha Filmes). Director: Sylvio Rocha / Original language. Portuguese / Subtitles: English.
  • “Vozes do Mar” (Women in blue: gender equity for ocean sustainability). Director: Helena Alba / Original language: Portuguese / Subtitles: English.
  • “Women at Conservancy – special edition Brazilian Ocean” (Tocha Filmes). Directors: Paulina Chamorro, Joao Marcos Rosa and Sylvio Rocha / Original language: Portuguese / Subtitles: English.

16:00 h to 18:00 h

  • “Against the Thide: A Journey for Climate Hope” (Peace Boat US). Director: Luis Barreto / Original language: English / Subtitles: No.
  • “MED2050: más peces que plástico en el mar” (Good Karma Projects). Director: Ainhoa Muñoz / Original language: spanish / Subtitles: English.
  • “Memories of a Sea” (Mileva Films). Director: Laura Carrau / Original language: Catalan, Spanish, Kasak, English / Subtitles: English.

18:15 h to 19:30 h

  • “Broken Breath” (Italian National Decade Committe). Director: Morgan Bertacca / Original language: Italian / Subtitles: English.
  • “Gwala Rising” (Conservation International and Eco Custodian Advocates).Director: Stephani Gordon / Original language: English / Subtitles: No.
  • “New Caledonia, The Mother of the Coral Sea” (Conservation International). Producer: Shawn Heinrichs of Blue Sphere Media / Original language: French / Subtitles: English.
  • “Conservation: Whales in a changing Ocean” (Conservation International). Director: Richard Sidey / Original language: English / Subtitles: No

19:45 h to 22:00 h

  • “A Voyage of Discovery” (Ocean Race). Producer: Warner Bros Discovery / Original language: English / Subtitles: No.
  • “A Blue Silence” (Institut de Ciéncies del Mar – CSIC). Director: Josep Lloret / Original language: Catalan / Subtitles: English.
  • “El futuro del océano” (Instituto español de Oceanografía – CSIC). Director: Mario Cuesta / Original language: Spanish / Subtitles: English.

The opinions expressed in these films are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the positions of UNESCO.
Las opiniones expresadas en estas películas son las del autor y no reflejan necesariamente las posiciones de la UNESCO.
Les opinions expressades en aquestes pel·lícules són les de l’autor i no reflecteixen necessàriament les posicions de la UNESCO