Peace Boat US is pleased to announce that a group of young film makers are joining Peace Boat’s 84th Global Voyage to El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama from July 31-August 8, 2014 to make a documentary for the United Nations Indigenous Communities conference. The youth, who are all from New York City in the United States, will take part in a project coordinated by Peace Boat’s New York-based partner organization,Peace Boat US, in collaboration with Global Kids the Brooklyn Community Arts and Media High School , World Up and Downtown Community Television (DCTV) . The high school students will visit indigenous communities in Central America to collaborate on music and create a documentary that reflects various issues facing society, as members of The Music and Art Peace Academy (MAPA), a hands-on, arts-based education project lead by professional artists and coordinated by Peace Boat US.

The aspiring young artists will use their knowledge of audio-production and filmmaking to create an international soundtrack and documentary film to be shown at the United Nations during the World Conference for Indigenous Peoples (WCIP) on September 22-23, 2014. The project was created to inspire cultural understanding and international cooperation amongst youth through the universal language of music.

To learn more about this project please contact Peace Boat US.