PBUS Summer 2015 Interns

Left to right: Weijia, Ornella, Hilda and Camilla. Hanka will be joining the team in July.

Peace Boat US has welcomed a new team of five interns who hail from various corners of the world to join the organization for the summer. Their passion and interest in global issues has brought them together in the Peace Boat US office, where they will work on a very diverse array of projects that offer hands-on and real-world experience. Learn more about the talented new team below.

Hilda Bonilla is an undergraduate studying Political Science at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. Originally from El Salvador, Hilda has witnessed the ongoing violence, human rights violations, and political corruption of her native country. The environment of political violence in which she was raised has sparked her passion for studying conflict resolution and peace building. Hilda was drawn to interning at Peace Boat due to her inspiration from and interest in the organization’s promotion of a culture of peace and global advocacy work.

Camilla Linderoth comes from Sweden, where she currently studies Public Administration at Gothenburg University. In the spring of 2014, Camilla discovered Peace Boat during a field trip at Gateway College where she studied Human Rights. She was amazed by the organization, and decided to join the team in order to get involved in promoting peace and to concentrate on global issues.

Weijia Shi studies History and International Relations with a personal focus in international security and peace at the University of British Columbia in Canada. As a Chinese native, Weijia speaks Mandarin and her career goal is to become a simultaneous interpreter. Weijia is delighted to join Peace Boat for the summer, and looking forward to gaining valuable knowledge about global issues such as nuclear weapon control, and exploring the United Nations headquarters.

Hanka Gojacic was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Growing up in wartime, Hanka faced many of the most controversial world issues, which gave her the desire to explore matters and concerns on peace building, ethnicity, gender, religion, and human rights. Hanka is the second intern attending Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. In the fall, she will be a senior majoring in Business Studies with a minor in Economics. With a special interest in environmental economics, sustainability, sociocultural anthropology and management for profit and non-profit organizations, Hanka is thrilled to join Peace Boat this summer en route to contributing to the world in a positive way.

Ornella Corsant-Colat was born in France, and is also attending Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. She is majoring in Political Science and International Relations with a minor in Business. From an early age, Ornella was involved in various activist groups and volunteered for three years with the international organization Action Against Hunger. With a particular interest in disarmament, nuclear non-proliferation, terrorism, and human rights, Ornella is enthusiastic about and inspired by joining Peace Boat this summer to gain a hands-on experience in a wide array of areas.

From Central America, Scandinavia, East Asia, Southeastern and Western Europe, the cultural diversity of interns finds its strengths and capacities to work across cultures and diverse groups, which is the beauty of Peace Boat  and Peace Boat US, whether it be onboard a ship or in an office.

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