This summer the Peace Boat US office welcomed six new interns to the office. Ranging from a variety of backgrounds, these young adults are ready to bring a very diverse helping hand to the daily ongoing of our New York City Office.

beth bwBeth Richter is a recent graduate of Pace University, holding a degree in Peace and Justice Studies. She is very interested in exploring the different facets of the international community and the ways in which she can apply her degree. An internship that focuses on two of her main academic interests – sustainability and disarmament – seemed a logical place to start! In the future she plans to focus on international disaster and conflict relief, and hopes her internship will allow her the privilege of meeting like-minded people. She is very excited to experience the inner workings of an international NGO, and hopes to learn many valuable skills to apply to her future humanitarian work.

lisa bwLisa Smirnova is an international student from Russia. She double-majors in Political Science and Peace and Justice Studies at Pace University. She is passionate about human rights, nonviolence, international relations, humanitarian work, and social and political freedoms. This summer she is interning with Peace Boat US, which is an amazing opportunity for her to interact with different cultures, gain useful knowledge about current issues, and get experience working with the international NGO. Lisa believes in the power of people’s voices that can make the world more peaceful and just place.

mona bwMona Mahraoui is senior at SUNY New Paltz, majoring in International Affairs and Communications. Originally from Morocco, she has been able to witness first hand some of the many struggles that developing countries face. These experiences are what motivated her to want to pursue a career in international affairs, with hopes that one day she can make a difference. After graduating, she plans to join the peace corps so that giving back is more than just a theoretical belief but part of her everyday life. As a Peace Boat US intern, she is excited for what’s in-store for the next few months. She sees this opportunity as a major stepping stone for her future in working on the front lines of sustainable development.

hiro bwHiro Briganti is a Japanese-American who grew up in Nagasaki and in a small town in Michigan, learning about nuclear issues from a global perspective. She has attended the 2014 and 2015 NPT Conferences in New York, and was later introduced to Peace Boat by Akira Kawasaki (Peace Boat coordinator) and Kathleen Sullivan (Hibakusha Stories). She is interested in nuclear and environmental issues, as well as youth centered cultural exchanges. She is involved in international youth & student activism, and intends to pursue a career in humanitarian studies.

igor bwIgor Frolov is a Phd student from Russia majoring in International Relations. He is extremely interested in working at Peace Boat and in close connection with the UN. He describes himself as being friendly and positive, productive and takes initiative. He is fond of politics and history, and has an interest in the sphere of sustainable development and human rights. His Phd project focuses on the current migration in the European Union, problems that arise from this issue, and the ways to solve them. As for spare time, he is keen on sports, especially soccer and gym. He likes reading, mostly nonfiction or scientific literature.

crystal bwCrystal Ma is a student at Interlake High School in Seattle, WA. As an advocate for the communal living and harmonious mindset of many indigenous cultures, Crystal is excited to join Peace Boat as an intern to help extend this unifying mentality to other world organizations, leaders, and students, replacing our currently entranced and dysfunctional worldview with one that fosters social justice, environmental justice, and mindfulness. Crystal is also the current Secretary-General for Pacific Model United Nations (PACMUN). She loves Model United Nations because it creates a platform for students to explore cogent solutions to the global issues of today. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to embark on an adventure with an International Nonprofit that works so closely with the UN.