Josh-Harms-1Please describe the work you did as a videographer  with Peace Boat.

“I joined Peace Boat’s 79th Global Voyage from Panama to Guatemala for five days and filmed the events onboard and in the ports of call for an upcoming documentary about Peace Boat US, which ranged from all aspects of  life onboard the ship, language programs, staff members’ interviews, Peace Boat culture and the overall experience.”

2.) What did you find most interesting while traveling with Peace Boat from Panama to Guatemala?

“The most fascinating aspect of traveling with Peace Boat was the passion and the culture of everyone taking care of each other. Everyone was truly genuine and open about making the world a better place. Furthermore, they all cared about real humanitarian issues.  It was also a special experience to do a home-stay with a family in the Mayan village in Guatemala. The people in the community were so inspiring and I learned a lot from spending two days on the study program with Peace Boat. 

Josh-Harms-23.) What inspired you to get involved with Peace Boat as a videographer?

“I met the Director of Peace Boat US, Emilie McGlone, at a benefit for those affected by Hurricane Sandy in New York, which was organized by Parties for Peace , a non-profit production group that promotes peace through music and dance events to raise funds for important causes.  At the event, I was in charge of lighting and projection mapping. I later found out about this opportunity via her post on the internet and applied as a videographer for the program in Latin America. She was an inspiration and I felt honored to have worked with her.”

4.) What did you enjoy most about Peace Boat?

“I enjoyed the beautiful open ocean, seeing Indigenous cultures and different societies around the world! It was awesome to walk in the jungle  of Panama and hang out on the deck of the boat, overlooking the ocean at sunset. Peace Boat is an adventure in itself,consisting of day excursions and exploration in different countries – which are all inspiring and a lifetime opportunity for the participants and volunteers onboard.”

5.) Where would you like to travel in the future on the Peace Boat, and why?

“There are so many countries that I would like to visit and learn about the culture, but I am especially interested intraveling to Japan, Brazil and Australia.”

6.) How would you encourage people to join the Peace Boat and learn about global issues we face today?

“Traveling with Peace Boat is such an amazing experience, and I think everyone should have a chance to travel and learn about these important issues with an International NGO such as the Peace Boat. It’s incredible to see how big the world actually is and to be in the epicenter of it all is life changing.”

7) What do you think of the new project MAPA (Music and Art Peace Academy) onboard the Peace Boat?

Josh-Harms-3“It’s an amazing initiative and I want to be more involved in it! It’s incredible to spread the message of peace building and peace keeping through art and music. Onboard the ship, as we were traveling from Panama to Guatemala, we actually had a huge party in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and I did a live DJ and Visual art set on Peace Boat’s open deck, projection mapping, a dance party! It was super fun and everyone had a great time! There are so many opportunities for artists and musicians to get involved with the MAPA project and I look forward to playing a role in the development of the program as a videographer and visual artist based in New York.”

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