Hanssel arrived in the United States three years ago from the Dominican Republic. He became a part of the non-profit organization Mythic Bridge through a workshop at school and soon realized the power of communication through filmmaking. He cares deeply about the situation in Latin America and aims to make a difference. To him, learning and understanding about other cultures and their realities are the first steps to be able to help. That’s why he will be joining the upcoming Peace Boat trip to Central America as a participant of the MAPA (Music & Art Peace Academy) program.

Hanssel InterviewHow did you find out about Peace Boat and why did you decide to join this voyage in Latin America? 

I found out about Peace Boat through Mythic Bridge. Gage Woodle, who is the founder of Mythic Bridge, approached me and told me about this amazing opportunity and I accepted it right away. The reason why I decided to join this voyage in Latin America is because I’m curious about other countries’ cultures. Also, I want to experience how peace organizations work on the ground. 

Will this be your first solo documentary/ the first documentary you will do by yourself?

Yes, This is my first solo documentary.

As the documentary will be focused on sustainability and our experience on the Peace Boat, what excites you most about this idea of making a film related to this project? 

What excites me the most about this experience is the opportunity to work with people that I have never met before and to work with creative people.

What are your expectations by participating in the MAPA ( Music & Art Peace Academy ) program?

My expectations by participating in the MAPA program is that I would learn from others’ experiences. Also, that I could get to work with others that are into art but in a different approach.  I like to learn different things.

What would you most like to achieve with the documentary once it’s finished?

Once the documentary is finished, I hope that it will mean something for someone else, not only for me because I worked on it, but also to those who were documented who may get help because of it.

How has learning new skills to make films with Mythic Bridge helped change your life ? 

Mythic Bridge have helped me a lot since I first was accepted into their program. They helped me improve my skills not only in film, but also in real life situations. Such as working with groups where everybody needs to help one another. Thanks to Mythic Bridge I’m not so afraid to speak up in a group and express my ideas and thoughts.

What does “Sustainability” mean to you? 

For me, sustainability means when a community can sustain and run by themselves without the help from the local government. This is when they produce their own food, they have their own schools and such.