Peace Boat, which holds Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations (UN) will be participating in the 68th United Nations Annual Civil Society Conference taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah, from August 26 – 28, 2019. This year’s Conference will be the first time the event is held outside of the New York City UN Headquarters. Each year the Conference focuses on a different UN topic of interest related to the work of civil society and this year’s theme will reflect Salt Lake City’s leadership and demonstrated commitment on sustainability issues, focusing on SDG 11: to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable by 2030.

Participation at the Conference is open to representatives of civil society organizations associated with the UN Department of Global Communications and/or in consultative status with ECOSOC. The three-day conference, will feature opening and closing plenary sessions, interactive thematic sessions, NGO-sponsored workshops, exhibits and a youth hub. Conference sessions will discuss topics connected to climate change, opportunities for youth, and emerging technologies and innovation to ensure that communities are inclusive, equitable, and sustainable.

Peace Boat will be holding an exhibition throughout the conference, highlighting Peace Boat’ unique programs for SDGs education as well as sharing Peace Boat’s Ecoship project and activities to promote more sustainable communities. Peace Boat’s Ecoship is a transformational program to construct the planet’s most environmentally sustainable cruise ship. The Ecoship will create awareness and encourage active engagement with the challenges embodied in the SDGs. In addition to the exhibition, Peace Boat will be hosting a workshop titled, “Youth in Action: Global SDGs Education and Social Innovation for Sustainable Communities” on the evening of August 27th, 5:00-6:15 p.m., in Room 355-D along with Momentum Novum. The Director of Peace Boat US, a representative from Momentum Novum as well as a Peace Boat “Youth for SDGs” scholar alumni will present at the workshop. Momentum Novum was founded by a Peace Boat “Youth for the SDGs” alumni and is a German-based a social enterprise that aims to empower businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and individuals to incorporate sustainable practices and processes based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Leaders of large urban centers, such as Salt Lake City in the state of Utah, are at the forefront of finding sustainable solutions to poverty, climate change, clean water and energy, and many of the other challenges connected to urban living. The Mayor of Salt Lake City highlighted the city’s Climate Positive Plan, a path to transition to 100% clean energy by 2032 and reduce carbon output 80% by 2024. The conference is a meaningful opportunity for civil society organizations from around the globe to gather together to discuss a wide range of solutions to the challenges of urban life- working towards a more equitable and sustainable world.