Youth for the SDGs
Arctic Voyage
May 24 – June 14, 2023

The Youth for the SDGs scholars, comprising 11 young climate and ocean-focused activists from around the world, completed a unique 22-day experiential learning program onboard Peace Boat’s 114th Global Voyage, traveling from the UK to Norway to Iceland and through the Arctic region.

The Arctic Voyage was the first of two Youth for the SDGs programs organized onboard Peace Boat’s 114th Global Voyage under the banner of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

The Arctic Voyage program provided an enriching experience for the young leaders who are actively engaged in promoting sustainability within their local communities. Through a combination of capacity development, citizen science, networking and educational programs onboard Peace Boat and at various port destinations, participants broadened their knowledge of marine science and climate action on a scale from local to global. The overarching theme was linked to UN World Oceans Day’s 2023 theme “Planet Ocean, Tides are Changing,” and the importance of SDG 14, Life Below Water, to inspire positive actions to safeguard our oceans.

Please see our Program Recap and Program Report for more details.


May 24 – Program starts in London: Ocean and Climate Networking Reception at Selina Hotel, Camden
May 25 – Peace Boat arrives Tilbury (London) UK: Environmental sustainability and ocean education action day
May 26 – River and waterway plastic clean-up with UOCEAN and partners
May 27 – Peace Boat departs Tilbury (London) UK: Blue Economy Partnership Event
May 31 – Åndalsnes, Norway: Outdoor exploration, marine science data collection
June 2 – Tromso, Norway: Sailing and kelp study program
June 3 – Honningsvåg, Norway: Marine science data collection
June 5 – Longyearbyen, Norway: Study program in biomimicry
June 9–10 – Akureyri, Iceland: Marine science data collection and water sample testing
June 11–12 – Reykjavik, Iceland: Program onboard Peace Boat
June 13 – Educational program: Visit to the Blue Lagoon, water testing and geothermal studies
June 14 – Program conclusion in Iceland

Program Report