Program Options

Program Options

Peace Boat offers programs that focus on a wide variety of issues, including but not limited to, peace, sustainable development, human security, disaster risk reduction, disarmament, and other topics. In addition, universities and other groups can organize study programs onboard Peace Boat, or develop a program together with Peace Boat. Programs are open to students and life-long learners from around the world. Depending on the program, partner universities provide academic credit for their students’ participation.

Program structures include the following:

Peace Boat Programs (1-4 weeks)

Peace Boat organizes study programs centered on international affairs, regional themes, conflict analysis and non-violent conflict resolution, youth leadership training, disaster risk reduction, media in society, and other topics. Peace Boat creates a curriculum for the program and invites guest educators from different fields of expertise to lead it. In ports of call, Peace Boat arranges exchange and study programs with local communities and partner organizations. The program content and itinerary is created in advance with partner organizations, and who often grant academic credit.

University Led Programs Onboard Peace Boat (1-4 weeks)

Universities and other academic institutions can partner with Peace Boat to create a custom program combining the institution’s academic leadership with Peace Boat’s facilities, access to ports, and logistics. Joining a segment or a full Peace Boat voyage can be a component of an advanced seminar, or form a class or semester of guided study.

Full Semester Onboard Peace Boat (3 months)

It is possible to organize a semester-long program onboard a Peace Boat voyage. Students can join Peace Boat programs, or universities can work with Peace Boat to arrange a specific curriculum and educators, while having all necessary facilities and logistic support that are part of Peace Boat voyages.

Japanese Language and Culture Programs (1-12 weeks)

Having a large Japanese community onboard Peace Boat creates the perfect environment for learning and practicing the Japanese language directly with people of different ages and backgrounds. Through language courses, dialogue sessions and cultural events organized by Japanese teachers and Peace Boat staff members, students can quickly expand their language skills. Students can also experience traditional Japanese tea ceremony, calligraphy, origami and dance.

Summer Program or Internship

Peace Boat can organize an internship or summer program for individuals or groups of students interested in international issues, social studies, environmental awareness, Asian history, and culture. Internships can be carried out onboard the Peace Boat or at our headquarters in New York or Tokyo. Peace Boat interns working in the United States will have access to the United Nations conferences as part of their experience.

Conferences and Forums

Universities, professional organizations, and other groups can organize conferences and forums onboard Peace Boat. Facilities, logistical support, and the organization of cultural events and programs in ports can be provided by Peace Boat.

Academic Credit

Peace Boat does not provide credit for onboard study programs. However, partner universities can provide credits directly to students based on program criteria. Example: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies provided 2 credits to its students who participated in a 15-day onboard program that included twelve 90-minute lectures and three field study programs.

Program Costs

Program costs are calculated according to length, content, number of participants, staffing, and travel requirements. Please contact us to discuss program costs in detail.