The Pace University internship team is studying nuclear disarmament and arms control under Dr. Matthew Bolton. This class is an examination of the international politics of limiting the impact of violent conflict through disarmament, arms control and nonproliferation. Although the class is focused on all issues related to disarmament, the Pace intern team chose to work with Peace Boat US because of their interest in nuclear disarmament education and peace-building.

Jess Bircaj is a junior double major in Peace and Justice Studies at Pace University in the Pforzhiemer’s honors college. She is Albanian-American and the first of her family to be born in the United States. Very connected to her Albanian heritage, Jess speaks it fluently and spends summers with family there every two years. After graduating from Pace University, Jess hopes to attend Law school and to ultimately work within humanitarian law. Jess is excited to start working with everyone here at Peace Boat US and to learn more about the operations of an NGO. She is likewise looking forward to furthering her knowledge in research writing and diplomacy.

Benjamin Nicholas Brown is  a junior at Pace University.  He is double majoring in Political Science and Economics. In his spare time, Benjamin enjoys reading and watching films. He is also fond of learning history and keeping up with world events.

Kile Davis is a junior Honors Student at Pace University, majoring in Political Science. He is passionate about history and international affairs. In the longer term, Kile aspires to become a foreign affairs officer working towards global peace. He is excited about being exposed to advocacy through Peace Boat US.

Virginia Little  is a junior at Pace University, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in  Political Science. Virginia started interning with Peace Boat US in October 2021. This internship is connected to her Global Politics of Disarmament and Arms Control class at Pace University. Virginia sees herself a political activist and considers volunteering for Peace Boat US as one form of her activism. She actively attends protests and keeps abreast of current events involving human rights.

Deja Kemp-Salliey is a senior undergraduate Honors student at Pace University in New York City. She is pursuing a B.S. in Criminal Justice with minors in Political Science and Homeland Security. Deja was born and raised in New Jersey before relocating full-time to New York City to pursue her academic and professional interests. Her areas of interest include international law, environmental justice, climate change, and gender studies, and women’s rights. She is extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with Peace Boat US and to enhance her advocacy skills. She is excited to continue to learn about Peace Boat’s goals towards achieving global peace.