Get Involved

Get Involved

Join a Peace Boat US Program

Peace Boat US organizes unique programs onboard Peace Boat voyages. Our programs are designed for students, activists, and young leaders from around the world, combining academic, experiential, and in-port components. We also create custom programs for student groups, youth leadership programs, and life-long learning cohorts, and our partners include universities, high schools, non-profit organizations.

Travel onboard a Peace Boat Voyage

Peace Boat voyages are open to participants from around the world. You can participate in the onboard education programs at your own pace, and join for a segment or an entire voyage. Please see details about joining a voyage to learn more.

Intern or Volunteer with Peace Boat US

Gain insight and experience in the civil society, non-profit, and non-governmental field, with one of the most unique and interesting NGOs in the world – experience that will help you stand out. Read more.

Volunteer with Peace Boat in Japan or Onboard a Voyage

Our partner organization Peace Boat, based in Tokyo, Japan, also has a number of opportunities you may find interesting:

Only in the case of interpreter is Japanese language proficiency required. For the language instructor position Japanese is helpful but not required, and for the internship it is also not required, although proficiency in Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Chinese or other language is helpful.